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A leader in the field of parking technology, Yantra Technology Ltd. has established itself in the sector with uncompromising quality in its work and the best know-how. Through practical developments it supports the development of innovative technologies and solutions in the field of parking technology. The company works together with world leaders in the production of automated access control equipment( Automatic Systems), top class technology (HID) for identification and fingerprint recognition: (Nitgen).
The company offers high-end automated parking systems Qntra Park, products for efficient application of electronic access control, contactless identification and biometric systems, whose reliability has built a reputation for excellence and competitiveness. “Yantra Technology Ltd. guarantees permanence and reliability through innovative parking solutions that shape the future, a future where parking is a pleasure.
The company has successfully implemented numerous projects. The quality, design and precision that are put into each project are the main reason why they are one of the leaders on both the Bulgarian and European market.

The security systems we develop

Access control

Control of working hours

Standard and automated parking solutions

Video surveillance with analytical functions.

Custom hardware and software solutions and systems

Developed to customer specification

The grant will be used to enter into civil contracts for installation work that can be carried out at home. This will compensate for the lack of manpower. We will pay for ongoing materials and services, which will help keep finished goods prices at the same levels as pre-pandemic turnover and avoid losing customers.

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This website has been created under the project BG-RRP-3.005-2845-C01 “Information and Communication Technology and Cyber Security Solutions in Small and Medium Enterprises”, implemented by Yantra Technologies Ltd. and is financially supported by the Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism under the Economic Transformation Programme of the Smart Industry Component of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan.